Looking for high quality and affordable custom music for your project?  We understand the importance of finding just the right track for your production, and just how difficult that task can really be.


We specialize in many music techniques to help breathe some extra life into your work, such as:


Full Scene by Scene Scoring

We’ll take your video / movie, and score every scene for you from scratch.  This process includes not only music (such as the background in an action scene, or a double cross / plot twist) but also underscoring and background atmospherics for scenes with dialog / sound effects.

By providing fully custom music, you can be sure that the music in your production will be memorable and it won’t be heard anywhere else.  Unless of course you want the same theme in your trilogy after storming the box office.

Video games follow the same process, where the definition of a scene can be “loosely” tied to things like level progression or areas in an RPG.  A full custom soundtrack is definitely what you’re looking for, and we’re here to help make that a reality.


Custom Theme Development

Musical theme development provides a powerful subconscious effect to the viewer / user.  We can create a custom melody (theme) for your main character for example.  When the character is first introduced the user hears the original character theme.  This ties the theme to the character, and can now be used to help convey character emotions without completely relying on visual queues.  Has the main character just experienced a tragic loss?  The theme can be played back with more somber instruments, or in a sad key, maybe a tempo change.


Feel free to check out some examples on our Music page.