Below is a guideline for our current pricing schemes.  Our rates are all negotiable, and are quoted on a per-contract basis.  Some styles / applications are significantly easier to produce than others and as such feel free to Contact us with a description of your project and we’ll discuss your options with you.


We currently offer three different pricing schemes:


Royalty Rate (Also known as “Revenue Sharing”)

Sometimes you have a great idea, and not enough budget to see it through.  Royalties are a great way to get your assets upfront without impacting your immediate budget.

  • Ranges from 3% to 1% per unit, on a per-project basis


Exclusive Custom Pricing

This is our most commonly selected license.  We’ll produce tracks for you (usually charged per track unless otherwise discussed) and you’ll receive the exclusive rights to the track.  We will not license these tracks to any other projects.  These are listed as “per minute” of mastered audio (final product we deliver to you).

  • $40/min to $90/min, depends on complexity of composition requested


Non-exclusive Custom Pricing

There are currently two flavors to this pricing scheme:

1) Any tracks you find on our Music page that are not listed as “exclusive” may be licensed for your product for as little as $10/track (depending on required license).

2) If you’d like custom music, but don’t require the exclusive license for the tracks, we offer our custom music rate above with a 50% discount ($20/min to $45/min).


Feel free to Contact us now to discuss the possibilities.  We’d love to work with you.


*All rates are subject to change based on project load, until an official quote has been delivered.  We also offer volume discounts and other audio services such as mastering existing audio for a more polished sound.  All prices are quoted in USD unless otherwise specified.